On the road to 0.14.0

The upcoming release 0.14.0 of Atlantis will have a lot new features. Based on the past changes to OSGi and Apache MINA we now have the possibility to greatly enhance Atlantis. Although we have a lot of ideas to have too little time to implement them all. So here is what (hopefully) is in 0.14.0.

Based on the Apache MINA libary we want SSL encryption for connections. While this is already in the SVN trunk of Atlantis user authentication and ACLs are still an open issue. The best solution would be to include the SSL layer in the authentication step. But for 0.14.0 I guess we will focus on implementing username + password based authentication. This will provide the infrastructure for a full blown ACL system and the integration of the SSL context in 0.15.0

OSGi Part 1
The transformation of all Java based OpenSCADA modules to OSGi bundles was only a start. We already got several OSGi based “Eclipse PlugIns” which need to be merged with the plain OSGi bundles. This also means that we need a concept for handling different connection implementations using OSGi instead of the Eclipse Extension Framework (aka Extension Points).

OSGi Part 2
Also we will enhance the server side of Atlantis. Starting with some tools to easily implement an OSGi based hive which picks up Hive and DataItem instances and exports them using the already pluggable exporters. But all in a way that fits into OSGi.

Service Discovery
Automatic service discovery will, hopefully, be in 0.14.0. We are currently implementing a solution based on mDNS (aka zeroconf, avahi, bonjour, etc) which will announce Atlantis services (e.g. Hives) to all that listen. And OSTC will of course be one of the listeners. So no more adding manual connection URIs 😉

Historical Data
In 0.14.0 we want to provide the next major interrface for Atlantis: Historical Data. This will include a first interface defintion and implementation. A storage engine for storing and browsing through historical data. A client viewer application.

And what lies beyond 0.14.0? … We got lots of ideas. I all goes right we want to make the alarming system available coming from a project based solution and adapting it to OSGi. We got lots of ideas for the OSTC application and of course we have some areas in mind which could be cleaned up a little bit 😉

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