OpenSCADA 0.14.0 “Oslo” Release

We are proud to announce the OpenSCADA Atlantis Release 0.14.0!

You can download the release here: or go to our repository here

The most important feature in this release is the Historical Data archive (HD) which allows one to record and compress data for a long time. This also triggered lots of changed in OSTC (the OpenSCADA Test Client) which now supports different connections types (Data Access, Historical Data and the upcoming Alarms and Events).

But beside the HD development the following changes have been made:

  • Complete OSGi based system including lots of backend and frontend stuff. This also allows one to write OSGi based DA hives or OSGi based clients
  • Development of the historical value archive (HD)
  • Development of a rudimentary configuration engine which allows on the fly configuration updates (CA)
  • Cleanup and enhancement of the OSTC. Adding AE and HD functionality and preparing for a split from the Atlantis project.
  • and of course lots and lots of small fixes and enhancements

Together with Atlantis we also released (0.14.0) Aurora and Utgard (0.6.0) which contain minor enhancements and fixes.

The OSTC can also be downloaded as an MSI file for the Windows platform at

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