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OpenSCADA is going social 😉 You can become a Fan of OpenSCADA on Facebook and listen to Tweets on Twitter. Also we are experimenting with github in order to try out git. The main focus is still on Subversion, but having a distributed version control system would really be nice. At the moment we are missing the matured Eclipse integration that Subversion and Subclipse offer. There is much work to be done for EGit/JGit but it looks promising!

In our own project we have been quite busy too. OpenSCADA 0.15.0 got lots of new stuff. We got a configuration management system which is similiar to OSGi CM service and beside having a properties file based backend it features now a JDBC backend, WebService Client and Server interfaces, an OpenSCADA Connection implementation (based on the WebService) and some preliminary UI components. The UI components will allow one to configure most aspects of the new Master Server which performs a lot of the functionality we had in the “Chain Items” in the past. Manual overrides, level alarms, event and data archive. All this is combined in this new server. It is fully based on OSGi which makes is really modular. That’s why configuration is getting so important. And while we already can do a mass import of configuration data from Excel or OpenOffice using the WebService and Python, we surely want to have OSTC being able to change configuration data in detail. The integration builds still have a read-only version of the configuration editor but hopefully this will change soon. The due to the fact that OSTC is becoming more and more some real administration tool we will rename it, maybe to “OpenSCADA Admin Client”.

Last but not least OSTC has some cleaned up colors and a system behind that color scheme. If you don’t like it you can change it 😉

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