Updates on the Project

At the moment we are in the process of finishing 0.15.0. Although this might take some more weeks it is fairly clear now what features 0.15.0 will have. Most important we will have a DA connector for the Dave protocol. The Dave protocol is used by Siemens S7 PLCs in order to communicate with higher level systems. This means that OpenSCADA can directly communicate this type of PLC on all Java supported platforms without the need to use OPC. Also the OSGi areas has seen lots of enhancements including several functions you would expect from a complete SCADA system. Although we have lots of ideas and plans to even enhance the OSGi part it provides a lots of new features and allows us to enhance the system easily. Of course all this comes at a cost 😉 Configuration will be an issue that we will focus on in the next version. But for now, using some tools and scripts, it is not a big deal creating mass configuration using Excel/OpenOffice-Sheets and pushing these into the server at runtime, without the need to restart using the new WebService interface for configuration data. Alarms and Events is also making a good progress. OSTC will be enhanced to have the new A&E UI.

Also we reached a decision of the license. OpenSCADA will fully switch to LGPLv3 since this seems to be best way to have it all. Since this includes a fair amount of project to touch it might take some time until the transition is complete. Patches are welcome 😉

On the community side we currently are in the progress of updating the homepage. We already got a Google Group (http://groups.google.com/group/openscada) and got the SourceForge project assigned. The previous “OpenSCADA” was declared inactive and dead so we got the chance to take over.

I hope that I can give you some more news the next weeks.

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