OpenSCADA 0.15.0 Release (Finally)

Although we wanted to release OpenSCADA 0.15.0, aka Oslo, a “little bit” earlier but we finally got it! Some parts of 0.15.0 had been built for the release a few weeks earlier and today we got all together.

The major new items in this release are:

  • Full OSGi support
  • New alarming and historical data archive
  • New OSGi based online configuration mechanism with SOAP and plain HTTP interface
  • Support for direct Siemens S7 PLC communication (S7-300 or S7-400 with CP)

So enjoy the release as we did making it 🙂

See the rest of the post for download links

OSTCOur all purpose Test/Admin Client UIAll Platforms ZIP –
Windows 32 MSI –
ExternalExternal dependencies
AuroraBasic OpenSCADA Libraries
UtgardOPC DCOM Interface for Java
OxygenProtocol Implementations for Java (e.g. Siemens S7 PLC)
AtlantisMain OpenSCADA Implemenations (Client & Server)
OrillaUI SCADA Components
Deploy OSGi StuffAll-in-one-contains-everything-repository and tools for deploying OSGi based products

For all projects (except OSTC) we provide a P2 repository in a ZIP file for download, a online P2 repository and a plain ZIP file which simply contains the JARs (binary and source).

Documentation is a work in progress 😉 and located here

Our deprecated Maven 2 repository converted from the P2 repositories is still available at

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