Past, Present and Future … or: 0.16.0 and beyond

The last few months have been quite busy for us and while OpenSCADA got some minor new features, the focus was more on polishing, cleaning up fixing some issues or glitches in the API. No cool new features but still lots of improvement! Since everything seem to be quite stable now we are in progress of releasing 0.16.0 in the next few days.

More interesting than the latest changes in OpenSCADA are the changes we made the last days in our infrastructure. Most important: we are moving to GIT. While Subversion was working well for the last years, GIT brings in several new aspects and features we would like to use. Especially in an OpenSource project a distributes version control system seems more appropriate than a centralized subversion. While one can argue about the pros and cons over Subversion vs. GIT we also are keen on trying out new technology 😉 But such a step not not be made without testing and checking out the “real life” issues that you run into when you use it every day. So instead of converting all OpenSCADA to GIT we converted one sub-project (Aurora) to GIT and try it out that way. The subversion repository is in an “read only” mode for aurora so preserve what was and don’t commit to the wrong repository. Internally we are using Gerrit for hosting and managing GIT repositories and Gerrit also pushes updates to git:// for publish access. If everything works fine we will have everything converted to GIT for the release of 0.17.0.

Or maybe we get the 1.0.0 done by that time. From the feature side we think that we already have a good 1.0 version. The problem is, as always, documentation, screenshots and quick introduction applications. Which brings us to the point of our new website. Instead of hosting a big CMS that is never updated we will go back to the initial idea of Blog (news) and Wiki including some static pages. This should provide better and quicker access to information.

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