Release 0.16.0 – Eureka

Some days ago we released OpenSCADA 0.16.0 (aka “Eureka”). Since we’ve been in the upgrade of the homepage we preferred to wait with the announcement until we could make it in our new site.

So here it is:

  • Lots of minor fixes in all areas
  • Upgraded all components to use and compile with Java 1.6
  • Using Eclipse 3.6.1
  • Providing new ways of mass configuration (e.g. based on Spreadsheets)
  • Providing a login system which allows an UI application to join the OpenSCADA login and authentication system and contribute to the lifecycle of an OpenSCADA login session
  • A new splash screen, based on the work of “Dare*2*Dream” released as CC BY-SA 2.0

You can download it here:

External0.16.0P2 RepositoryP2 Downloadplain ZIP
Aurora0.16.0P2 RepositoryP2 Downloadplain ZIP
Utgard0.8.0P2 RepositoryP2 Downloadplain ZIP
Oxygen0.2.0P2 RepositoryP2 Downloadplain ZIP
Atlantis0.16.0P2 RepositoryP2 Downloadplain ZIP
Orilla0.16.0P2 RepositoryP2 Downloadplain ZIP
OSTCWindows 32bit MSIWindows 64bit MSI
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