Preparing for 0.17.0

It seems we are quite fond of the 0.x releases 😉 Yes, we wanted 1.0 to be out “a little bit earlier”. We think we are feature complete for a 1.0 release, what is missing is some thing to give everyone an easier introduction into openSCADA. Download, turn on, take a tour! The problem is, that this is a little bit hard for a SCADA system.

But, we think we found a solution. Since openSCADA is intended to be a toolbox to implement your own SCADA project we decided to create a virtual machine which you can download, having an openSCADA development environment set up and a list of tutorials that provide a step-by-step introduction in what openSCADA can do.

Most of these tutorials are already done, but we are still missing some advanced DA and HD in general. Which leads me to what will be new in 0.17.0 😉

HD will get a new backend for storage. While the current HSDB backend was a bit “fricklig”, we re-implemented it to have a clean new approach that has no strange “compression issues”. Of course there is a new name to it: HDS (Historical Data Store).

While we are providing a new data format the old HSDB data can automatically be imported by the new system and can merged in the new HDS data sets. Which, by the way, is another feature new to 0.17.0: merging HD queries.

On the DA and CA part we only have minor improvements as with every release. With AE we change the implementation from Hibernate to plain JDBC, which is less “object” but more “performant”, and less buggy. Also the old implementation and the new one can co-exists side-by-side for an easier migration to the new implementation.

The UI has also received some updates, translations, bug fixing, upgrade to Eclipse 3.7 is also underway.

So once we got the testing done, 0.17.0 will be released. Due to the fact that we now will enjoy some of the rainy summer days it might take some weeks more then we plan 😉

Following the 0.17.0 release we will complete the virtual machine and provide a download for you to test. Which brings us one step closer to 1.0!

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