openSCADA visual interface

In the dakara project we added several visualizing components which are not complete, but already reached a very nice level of functionality. The idea is for one to provide this functionality to applications that need to integrate visualization of openSCADA related data.

On the other hand, like OSTC, it is possible to make a complete application based on the dakara project which is simply a host to user content and provides the framework to visualize data without the need to have a own application into which this functionality needs to be integrated. This application is now build by default and exported as “OSVI” (openSCADA Visual Interface). The idea is to download and install the application and then then fill it with content by installing additional plugins using P2.

The OSVI product files can be found at “” for all platforms, while the MSI installer is located at ““.

Still there is same sample content required that would make the application useful. For this we set up a new project “Tau’ri” which can be found at “” and is also integrated in the new composite repository.

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