openSCADA Release 0.18.0

openSCADA 0.18.0 is released!

Check the download page for links to grab binaries and source. Github and Bitbucket are always in sync with our git repository. The master branch is the current release and the “next release” branch is already named “1.0” 😀

Most changed are bug fixes, performance enhancements and a lots of minor cleanups. But beside that, the Dakara Project was integrated and together with the arduino protocol we have some nice samples. These samples can be found in the “tauri” project and repository. I hope that we can post a quick “howto” in the next few days how to try this “at home”.

Also the CA editor functionality has been added in this release. Although many factories are still missing forms editors it is quite a good start.

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  1. Eduardo says:

    Hello Jens,

    I am trying to get woking at my home a Scada with my Arduino.
    I downloaded the Eclipse SCADA Admin Client
    I found under “tauri” proyect two ZIP files, but a password is required (I don´t know it)
    At this point I stopped. Also I don´t know what sketch I should program to run on my Arduino Uno

    How I should continue?

    Thanks you in advance,

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