Added OPC sample configuration to the driverPackage

The driver package in the current integration build series ( has gained two default configurations for the Matrikon and Softing OPC Simulation servers.

In order to test the OPC connection you will now need to:

  • Ensure that your OPC server is remotely accessible
  • Download and install the driverPackage from (starting with version 1.0.8)
  • Download and install the Admin Client (OSTC –
  • Create a new Connection in OSTC (da:net://localhost:12027)
  • Edit the exporter.xml configuration from the driver package (either using link in the start menu, or manually)
    • Change the user, password and domain
  • Restart the openSCADA Windows Service
  • Start OSTC, connect to da:net://localhost:12027 and browse through the tree
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