Enhancements to Dakara

The last few weeks the Dakara project received some major improvements. First of all the a detail dialog feature was merge into openSCADA. The detail dialogs provide some more structured view to visualization components.

Also the view and connection management has been extended in order to support “lazy” views and connections. A “lazy” view will only subscribe to its data source once the view is activated. Views can be visible, which will show or hide them on the navigation bar and finally views can be flagged as “default” which will bring the up if there is no current visible view.

All this is realized using the Eclipse evaluation framework. So there is a definition of when the view is active, visible or considered default. In combination with the value source of the openSCADA login dialog, view can now appear once the user log in to the system and disappear once the user logs out. Together with the “default” flag this can be extended to rather complex configurations where the user has the ability to log on to different sites. Each site configuration providing different views, having a “default placeholder” when no other view is active. And a lot more …

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