Adding spreadsheet prototyping

In order to help developing user interfaces we added the functionality to simulate IO lists in a controlled environment without the need to have the real drivers and connections available.


Screenshot of Eclipse IDE with Spreadsheet prototype

The controller file references a spreadsheet (xls at the moment) which will be used as base. The spreadsheet format that is used is what openSCADA uses internally for mass configuration. So if you create your configuration using the openSCADA Atlantis Configurator classes your result is a spreadsheet which can directly be loaded into the spreadsheet prototype view.

The controller view also shows items that are subscribed by client but not in the spreadsheet in order to find wrong item subscriptions. Also write requests that are performed by clients will be shown in the console view.

Value and status bits can easily be changed using the table view. Also there are two modes for naming the items. The first (ALIAS) is using the “end user name”. In this mode the controller simulates a running “master server” proving the fill IO set. In the mode “INTERNAL” the internal (driver) item IDs are used. This allows one to use a running “master server” with the controller view in order to simulate all drivers and use the logic of an already running master server.

See the wiki at for a short description how to try it yourself.

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