Preview of new chart

openSCADA got a new chart user interface in the last view days. This is just a short peek into what is possible. The chart allows combining DA and HD sources, requests only the data from the HD server that is actually visualized. Implemented using SWT in order to reduce the load by integrating Swing. The chart is configured using an Ecore model (based on EMF) which will allow saving and configuring the chart configuration to XMI pretty easily. Also now the full chart setup (axis, data series, zoom, colors, …) is saved between sessions.

The user interface is not really intuitive at the moment. Re-using the EMF generated Edi components in OSTC allows editing the full chart configuration model, this is not usable by end users. This will be changed by time when we will need it. Anyway you can simply drag and drop new items to the chart after creating with some pretty usefully default settings.

Made possible by the new openSCADA project called “infinity”. Our charting project.

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