openSCADA Release 1.0.0

We are proud to present openSCADA 1.0.0

openSCADA 1.0

Some highlights:

  • moved to Eclipse 3.8.1
  • debian packages
  • brand new protocol (NGP)
  • a time series chart (INFINITY)
  • lots of new features
    • Alarm demoting
    • proxying of another master server
    • customizable alarm styles
    • lots of small bug fixes

For a more detailed look at the new features, have a look at the relevant wiki page:

This release marks a major mile stone for us. We thank our customers who helped us to improve openSCADA to come so far.


This is the first time, that openSCADA has all the components which are needed to build your custom SCADA system: a robust and flexible server part, a graphical user interface, charting, configuration, even documentation (as thin as it is at the moment).

We know very well, that there are a lot of parts which are in dire need of improving, but most of it is actually in terms of user friendliness. For the next release we plan to integrate an important, and in some aspects pretty unique, feature. This and much needed documentation, tutorials and examples is planned for 1.1.

After some questions how to file bugs and feature requests, we have now finally adopted JIRA as our bug tracker.

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