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Until now, there was no easy introduction to Utgard for beginners. This is now rectified, so please have a look at https://openscada.atlassian.net/wiki/display/OP/HowToStartWithUtgard which is a short tutorial and should get you started pretty fast.

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  1. Walter says:

    If is possible to use openscada to access opc to have the benefits of error check, reconnection, etc? any example ?

    • Jürgen Rose says:

      That is actually the next step we are going to document. The problem with the openSCADA drivers until the current 1.2 branch is, that the configuration for the OPC driver is based on XML Beans, which is regarding class loading a pita. This is fine for us, since we know how to set it up, but for others it is complicated to explain. In the current 1.2 branch we replaced it with a EMF based variant. Since we knew this replacement would come we hesitated to document the old way.

      Now in the 1.2 branch we also have an Eclipse plugin which makes starting a driver within the IDE pretty painless. This we will explain how to do in the next part of the tutorial, which we will post in the next few weeks.

  2. Ben says:

    Thank you for the basic tutorial to get started. However could you pinpoint the location where I can find documentation about how to e. g. read the all items available on the opc server?

    I am using the AX OPC Server from PhoenixContact for my purposes. In contrast to using the TOP OPC Server I get an error on this line “access.addItem(itemId, new DataCallback()” from the tutorial “UtgardTutorial1” with the AX OPC Server. Any idea why it would not work?

    I am fairly new to programming so I appreciate every hint some experiecend programmer may already not.

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