Planning the next version – openSCADA 1.2

While the next openSCADA 1.1 is feature complete and being tested before we can release it, we are already planning the next version.

We do want to continue the process of cleaning up external dependencies and therefore want to remove Apache XML Beans and migrate to Eclipse EMF instead. The reason for this is quite simple, XML beans always was a real pain in the ass. Sure, it did its job, but up to now there is no OSGi version available and we have to use the version coming Springs Enterprise Bundle Repository which is some releases behind and not updated for a while. Also the ANT task caused a lot of trouble in the past and breaks easily. And finally we want to use as much functionality from Eclipse as possible. EMF is there and Apache XML Beans is not in the Eclipse Orbit repository. So we want to remove the way the XML files are parsed but keep the XSD files as they are.

Another nice enhancement we can finally implement then is the “UI Server Launcher”. While creating driver configuration files in the Eclipse IDE can be assisted by the content assist (based on the XSD information) it will then be possible to actually start the driver configuration right out of the IDE for testing. No more classpath issues and startup files, right click and running. Not only will this help in creating configurations but also will it lower the effort needed to test some functionality of openSCADA without the need for a full server setup.

In addition to this we do want to upgrade the requirements of openSCADA 1.2 to Eclipse 4.3 and Java 7. While the Eclipse 4.3 release is still some weeks away, the first RC versions work pretty good and so we do want Eclipse 4.3 to be the base of openSCADA 1.2.

Finally we do want to clean up some remaining dependencies. I guess this will be an ongoing task for this and the next release.

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