openSCADA goes Eclipse!

Eclipse+openSCADA M2

For several weeks we have been in contact with the Eclipse foundation to talk about the possibility that openSCADA could become an Eclipse project.

Today we gladly announce that the Eclipse Foundation has accepted our project proposal of “Eclipse SCADA”. This is the first step towards an open source SCADA system within the ecosystem of the Eclipse Foundation, based on openSCADA.

openSCADA becomes “Eclipse SCADA”

We thought long and hard about the naming, in the end we decided to name the project simply “Eclipse SCADA”. It expresses best what the project should be.

The openSCADA system will be the base for the “Eclipse SCADA” project, the source code of openSCADA will be contributed to the Eclipse Foundation and development will focus in the future on “Eclipse SCADA”.

What does it mean for openSCADA?

openSCADA will exist in the future. Essentially it will be distribution of “Eclipse SCADA”, which provides some additional features, not found in “Eclipse SCADA”. The reason for that is, since all the openSCADA code will be licensed under the EPL, it is not possible to bundle some libraries with it, most prominent example the j-interop library and its dependencies used for Utgard.

Eclipse SCADA in the big picture

Most of the projects within the M2M working group at the moment are concerned with the basic building blocks of a communication infrastructure. The whole field of traditional SCADA is not filled. There is the place where we can fill the void, set standards.

We do want to provide additional communication channels to those other M2M projects and allow them to interface easily with “Eclipse SCADA”.

We hope that we can encourage other interested parties to join this effort in the future. “Eclipse SCADA” should not only become an “out-of-the-box” solution for a SCADA system but also provide interfaces and ways of communication open to everyone.


At the moment there is growing activity within an Eclipse working group called the “Eclipse M2M Industry Working Group” which is an umbrella for all projects which are concerned with communication between machines and are geared towards “the internet of things” or “industry 4.0″. A lot of initiatives are already on the way, but they are mostly directed by large companies and the software and interfaces are often enough proprietary. The aim of the M2M working group is to change that. Break out of the proprietary data silos, open communication for all interested parties. This enables the consumer and other 3rd parties to get in control of its own data and infrastructure.

During the last months the M2M working group got so big, and considering that its purposes are very different from the standard Eclipse plugin project, there are talks about making it an Eclipse top level project. This will increase visibility for all projects under it, and of course also for “Eclipse SCADA”.

What happens next?

After the proposal phase, the project will enter the “Creation Review” and after that enter the “Incubation Phase”. We will try to push the project fast ahead, that we enter the incubation phase as soon as possible. After that it is difficult to determine when we are able to release the first 1.0 version of “Eclipse SCADA”. All packages have to be renamed, so if you are using openSCADA so far, be prepared to replace the “org.openscada” namespace with “org.eclipse”. The current naming of the sub projects (Aurora, Atlantis, …) will probably be changed to something more telling.

If you have any input to the whole process, please be so kind and give your input to the proposal.

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