Screencast: How to setup the development environment for openSCADA 1.1

To show how to setup the development environment for openSCADA 1.1 I created a screencast.

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2 Responses to Screencast: How to setup the development environment for openSCADA 1.1

  1. sri says:

    I follow the step as per the instruction/screencast, i was unable to build bootstrap.ant under builder_atlantis .

    i got the following error

    Buildfile: C:\SPB_Data\git\org.openscada.atlantis\builder_atlantis\bootstrap.ant
    [delete] Deleting directory C:\SPB_Data\git\org.openscada.atlantis\builder_atlantis\global
    [mkdir] Created dir: C:\SPB_Data\git\org.openscada.atlantis\builder_atlantis\global
    [get] Getting: file:../../org.openscada.builder/builder_global/output/
    [get] To: C:\SPB_Data\git\org.openscada.atlantis\builder_atlantis\input\
    [get] Error getting file:../../org.openscada.builder/builder_global/output/ to C:\SPB_Data\git\org.openscada.atlantis\builder_atlantis\input\

    C:\SPB_Data\git\org.openscada.atlantis\builder_atlantis\bootstrap.ant:26: ..\..\org.openscada.builder\builder_global\output\ (The system cannot find the path specified)

    Total time: 1 second

    Any solution to this problem.(i am new to eclipse too)

    • Jens Reimann says:

      Before the “bootstrap.ant” file can be built, the ant build “builder_global/build.xml” from the repository “org.openscada.builder” must be executed. I think, unfortunately, this was missed in the screencast.

      However in openSCADA 1.2 (which is not released up to now) the requirement to built Apache XML Beans will be dropped and in addition to the Eclise PDE build it will be possible to build openSCADA using Maven/Tycho. Still, this will not be required anymore when you check out openSCADA to the IDE.

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