The configuration system

Configuring a SCADA system is not easy. On the one hand the user wants to have as much control and features as possible, on the other hand configuring thousands of items manually it not an option. openSCADA is a highly modular system and therefore also adds to that complexity of configuring a system. I order to make is easier for beginners (and for us) to create a new configuration for openSCADA we started to work on a Eclipse IDE based configuration system. This will be an ongoing process for the next few releases, but the start is already there and will be in openSCADA 1.2, which will also be the base for Eclipse SCADA.

The current version is in the integration builds at and should also be in the composite integration repository in the next few days. This is only as start and still contains some serious bugs which will be ironed out up to the release of 1.2. If you like you can have a look in the following gallery of screenshots:

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