First code reached Eclipse GIT

After the creation review was successfull we went through the project provisioning and filed for our first initial contribution. We decided to start with some basic components from org.openscada.aurora since we do want to use the step for two changes. First of all we want to restructure the repositories a little bit. Our repository structure has some history now and the fancy names and grown structure don’t make it easy for newcommers to join the project, although the current structure served as pretty well. The new plan is located in the Eclipse Wiki at and will be extended when necessary.

Second we do want to switch to Tycho for building Eclipse SCADA on the side of Eclipse. While we still think that the PDE build has several advances over Tycho, it truly eases building Eclipse SCADA for people that have no experience in the PDE build. We may keep the PDE build alive though.

So if you like to grab some “Eclipse SCADA” code, feel free:

But be warned, this is only a small portion of openSCADA. The rest will follow in the next few weeks.

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