Major code base is contributed

The majority of the code base of openSCADA is now contributed to the Eclipse Foundation and will by checked by the IP team in the next weeks. This process will take some time since we have a rather larger code base. Fortunately we are in the incubating phase and can take advantage of the parallel IP process, so after an initial check we are already allowed to check in the code. So this means that in a few days the majority of the code base will be in the Eclipse SCADA GIT repositories and will be built on your hudson instance.

The major tasks now will be to restore all the nice deployment options we have with openSCADA, like the MSI installer for OSTC and the configuration system that will generate “ready-to-run” debian and rpm packages. We hope that we can offer an apt and yum repository at Eclipse like we have it now for openSCADA.

For the moment the new version of OSTC (called ESAC) can already be downloaded from the continous build server. However this is not a release, but a work in progress.

So it looks like we can stick to our plan and target a first release of Eclipse SCADA 0.1.0 for the end of the year.

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