Eclipse SCADA MSI downloads

Finally we do have some MSI packages for the windows platform again. In the past we used AdvancedInstaller as our installation tool for the OSTC (openSCADA Admin Client). But this tool is not open source and therefore does not fit into the Eclipse SCADA project. As an alternative we use the Wix Toolset now.

The process of creating MSI files using Wix needs to be performed on some Windows machine, which is the reason why this is no automated process right now. But we will create MSI files for the milestone releases. On the bright side these MSI files will now be signed by the Eclipse Foundation, after bug 426371 has been resolved.

Milestone (0.1.0-M3)esac_0.1.0-M3_x86.msiesac_0.1.0-M3_x64.msi
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