Rebooting the build system

While we are working on Eclipse SCADA 0.2.0, we had to make some breaking changes on the openSCADA build system.

After most of the code has been migrated from openSCADA to Eclipse SCADA, the massive build system that was present became quite an issue bringing out new builds of openSCADA itself. openSCADA is an extension to Eclipse SCADA and brings the OPC and SNMP driver, together with packages for Postgres and the necessary configurator plugins for the IDE.

So today we pushed the changes which will break the old build system. This means that openSCADA 1.2.0 will no longer be built and published to “”, “” or the other “apt” and “yum” domains. Instead of having a multi part build which requires a lot of manual interactions when creating a release build, we switched to using Maven Tycho and an aggregated build, bringing out all parts of openSCADA at the same time.

In order to preserve the existing download artifacts, the old domains will be available, but won’t be updated any longer. Also will the nightly builds of 1.2.0 be kept available. But they won’t be updated anymore. And also the upcoming 1.2.0 release will be done using the new build system.

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