IEC60870-5-104 at openSCADA

After a while of struggling the decision was made to remove the IEC60870 implementation from Eclipse SCADA and move it to openSCADA. Hopefully in the future the IEC will have a clear opinion on open source implementations of their protocols so we can move it back. Until then, the protocol implementation will be maintained at openSCADA, but still can be used with Eclipse SCADA.

This also means that the code, since it was initially created under the EPL, will stay EPL and so we are relicensing the other parts of openSCADA also under the EPL. This will start with the most recent release of 1.3.0-M6 and will be the default for future releases. Of course the older releases, and external dependency will stay the way they were. Although the license is EPL, the content is not distributed by the Eclipse Foundation.

On the bright side, the IEC 60870 implementation is now also available through github.

Also did we enable the generation of javadoc for the newest milestone. A thing that we already did for Eclipse SCADA in the last release. The main entry point for this is at

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3 Responses to IEC60870-5-104 at openSCADA

  1. Hi,
    Great job! And can you please tell me in details what was behind this decision?

    CEO & Co-founder
    PNB ltd, Shiraz, Iran
    Mobile: +989131296369

    • Jens Reimann says:

      Simply the uncertainty if an open source version of an IEC standard is possible from a legal perspective. As far as I know this has been successfully sorted out now.

  2. Mylmer says:

    Hi, sorry for my poor english, I’m in France and i would like to know how to integrate IEC 60870-5-104 in openScada ? I want to communicate with a Selta equipment using this protocol.

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