The following links provide some documentation about openSCADA:

The Wiki

Check either the openSCADA Wiki or the Eclipse SCADA wiki in addition for documentation listed here.

The book

We started to document Eclipse SCADA (aka openSCADA) in a book format. Here are the links:

The book is far from complete and will be updated regularly. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The most up to date version is the online HTML version, since it is done automatically by our build server every night. The ePub formats on Google Play and iTunes are updated manually and may lag a bit behind the HTML online version.

Now what about the “old” documentation. It simply will not be updated anymore. We created the new documentation based on DocBook and will slowly convert all the old documentation from the DocDocDoc format to DocBook. At the moment some parts of the protocol and system documentation have already be converted. The rest will follow.

Old Documentation

  • R – 1.0.0
    • System Documentation – HTML
  • I – 1.2.0
    • System Documentation – HTML
    • Protocol Documentation – HTML

More information will be found in our wiki.


We plan to create some small tutorials to get you started in the next few days. They will be found in our wiki.

Developing with openSCADA

To get up and running, have a look at this wiki page.