Eclipse SCADA Downloads

ESAC – Eclipse SCADA Admin Client

MSI Downloads

Milestone (0.1.0-M3)esac_0.1.0-M3_x86.msiesac_0.1.0-M3_x64.msi

openSCADA Downloads

openSCADA main downloads are the source code of the projects and the projects compiled form (aka binaries). Also there are some assembled modules that repackage the binaries to applications.

The main area for downloads is

P2 repositories are located at
Maven/Tycho repositories are located at

The APT repository is located at

I = Integration, R = Release

If you are not sure what you need, have a look at Projects to get an overview over the different components openSCADA provides.

Composite P2 Repository – referencing all other P2 repositories

Othala – openSCADA Admin Client (aka OSTC)

MSI Packages

Some packages are available as MSI Package in order to give you a quick start:

External – Modules used, but not created by openSCADA

Aurora – Common base functions

Utgard – OPC DCOM Interface

jinterop – a for of the jinterop library

Oxygen – Protocol implementations like S7 PLC (aka Dave)

Atlantis – Main SCADA functionality and interfaces

Orilla – Main UI components

Dakara – Visual Interface

Infinity – Time Series Chart