Milestone Release 0.1.0.M1 of Eclipse SCADA

It was hard work. But we finally have started the release cycle for 0.1.0 with the first milestone build today.

The documentation of how to perform the release build is here in the Eclipse Wiki.

The “adminclient” (formerly “ostc”) can be downloaded here:

The yum repository is here:
The debian packages (currently no APT repository):

The P2 repository is here:

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First integration builds from download area

After the code base has been committed and nearly everything is in the integration builds we started pushing the artifacts to The composite P2 repository for integration builds is now at This is a P2 repository location!

But beware! This is not a release, these are only the most recent integration builds from the build server.

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Major code base is contributed

The majority of the code base of openSCADA is now contributed to the Eclipse Foundation and will by checked by the IP team in the next weeks. This process will take some time since we have a rather larger code base. Fortunately we are in the incubating phase and can take advantage of the parallel IP process, so after an initial check we are already allowed to check in the code. So this means that in a few days the majority of the code base will be in the Eclipse SCADA GIT repositories and will be built on your hudson instance.

The major tasks now will be to restore all the nice deployment options we have with openSCADA, like the MSI installer for OSTC and the configuration system that will generate “ready-to-run” debian and rpm packages. We hope that we can offer an apt and yum repository at Eclipse like we have it now for openSCADA.

For the moment the new version of OSTC (called ESAC) can already be downloaded from the continous build server. However this is not a release, but a work in progress.

So it looks like we can stick to our plan and target a first release of Eclipse SCADA 0.1.0 for the end of the year.

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First builds at Eclipse

Today we got our Hudson instance at eclipse and were able to successfully run the first builds.

The Hudson instance is at:

Please be aware of the fact that the migration of the code from openSCADA to Eclipse SCADA is still in progress and that these are continuous integration builds and not releases!

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First code reached Eclipse GIT

After the creation review was successfull we went through the project provisioning and filed for our first initial contribution. We decided to start with some basic components from org.openscada.aurora since we do want to use the step for two changes. First of all we want to restructure the repositories a little bit. Our repository structure has some history now and the fancy names and grown structure don’t make it easy for newcommers to join the project, although the current structure served as pretty well. The new plan is located in the Eclipse Wiki at and will be extended when necessary.

Second we do want to switch to Tycho for building Eclipse SCADA on the side of Eclipse. While we still think that the PDE build has several advances over Tycho, it truly eases building Eclipse SCADA for people that have no experience in the PDE build. We may keep the PDE build alive though.

So if you like to grab some “Eclipse SCADA” code, feel free:

But be warned, this is only a small portion of openSCADA. The rest will follow in the next few weeks.

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Presenting Eclipse SCADA at EclipseCon 2013 Europe

EclipseCon Europe 2013We are proud to announce that our talk “Eclipse SCADA – An introduction” was accepted for the EclipeCon 2013 Europe. We do want to present Eclipse SCADA, give a short introduction and show what can be done with it. We also plan to show some working examples during a demonstration.

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Eclipse SCADA is here!

Well, there is not much to say other then: Here it is!

We are pretty excited on starting to work on Eclipse SCADA and although the creation review is over, this is only just the start!

But then again: Hooray 🙂

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The configuration system

Configuring a SCADA system is not easy. On the one hand the user wants to have as much control and features as possible, on the other hand configuring thousands of items manually it not an option. openSCADA is a highly modular system and therefore also adds to that complexity of configuring a system. I order to make is easier for beginners (and for us) to create a new configuration for openSCADA we started to work on a Eclipse IDE based configuration system. This will be an ongoing process for the next few releases, but the start is already there and will be in openSCADA 1.2, which will also be the base for Eclipse SCADA.

The current version is in the integration builds at and should also be in the composite integration repository in the next few days. This is only as start and still contains some serious bugs which will be ironed out up to the release of 1.2. If you like you can have a look in the following gallery of screenshots:

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Screencast: How to setup the development environment for openSCADA 1.1

To show how to setup the development environment for openSCADA 1.1 I created a screencast.

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JAXenter interview with us (German only)

Hartmus Schlosser from JAXenter did an interview with us. It can be found here:

It should also be appear in the next issue of the Eclipse Magazin.

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