DocDocDoc is the openSCADA Documentation system …

What? Another one? … Yes … since they all suck … except this one 😉

The idea behind DocDocDoc is to:

  • Write modular documentation
  • Be extensible
  • Keep a low footprint on external dependencies
  • Stay inside the Eclipse eco system

The idea is to provide a core model with some structure and let the rest be extended by plugins. Also there should not be one big document but small fragments which get bundled together by a gathering process.

One main vision was, that if somebody wrote his documentation in small snippets and later decides you needs a “youtube” tag for inserting youtube videos into his documentation you can do this by

  1. define a youtube tag
  2. use it in his existing document model without the need to re-invent the whole content model
  3. write a renderer for the output formats one wants to support (e.g. for PDF files just note “you can’t print videos”)
  4. done

Instead of fiddling around with xsl, transformation, make files etc. DocDocDoc just should get the job done. Platform independence is a must, but comes with the Eclipse eco system. There should not be the need for one specific XML parser to be installed.

While there always is a vision, still there is reality … so here is what we already got! And here is how to do it!

What is on the plan for future versions:

  • Make headless builds – Ant, Maven, …
  • Integrate other documentation languages (like Markdown, WikiText)
  • Produce PDF, EPUB and maybe mobipocket (aka kindle)