Utgard is a vendor-independent, 100% pure JAVA OPC Client API, that can be used independently from other openSCADA projects.

It provides functions which enable connection to an OPC Server, currently supporting the interface of OPC DA 2.0.

Utgard is used in openSCADA in combination with Atlantis to connect to and communicate with 3rd party systems via OPC.

100% Open Source

The whole project is available under an open source license including the required 3rd party libraries. The Utgrad Project itself is licensed under the LGPL (unless noted otherwise).

100% pure Java

The Utgard Project requires no more than an up to date Java environment (Java 1.6.x+). No native code, no JNI libraries or other DLLs/shared libraries are required. This makes it a 100% pure Java project.

This way, it is possible to connect to an OPC server running on Windows directly from your application, regardless of which operating system (Unix/Linux/Mac OS) your application is running on.

Due to the fact that currently only the OPC DA client side is implemented you will need some OPC server. Although some solutions for Unix/Linux/… exist you will usually find OPC servers based on Windows. So up to now the Utgard Project cannot help you running OPC servers on non-windows operating systems.

Get started …

A short tutorial to get started with Utgard can be found here: https://openscada.atlassian.net/wiki/display/OP/HowToStartWithUtgard